Question Laptop crashing when power supply is plugged in ?

Feb 28, 2021
i own a alienware 17 r3 with core i7 6820hk with gtx 980m , 16gb RAM,500gb nvme ssd
problem is i get games crashed while playing when i plug in power supply but works fine when on battery.
i tried to disconnect the battery cable present in my pc and my pc works fine for 15min on plug and play but after that it wont turn on.

dota 2 and even every game in old days worked well but now everything crashes when plugged in to power supply even with low settings
i tried msi after burner reduced to 50mhz in clock speed works fine some time but crashes most of the time

cad and other software consuming gpu works fine.

is there any options to get rid of the problem ?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You might want to do a couple of things.
1| Make sure your cooling assembly inside the laptop is cleaned off of dust and debris inside the cooling fans.
2| Reapply your thermal paste with a quality thermal paste
3| Make sure you're on the latest BIOS update for your laptop
4| Use Intel XTU or Throttlestop to undervolt your processor(only)

Which OS version are you currently on?