Question Laptop crashing

Oct 4, 2021
hai my name is basil. My father brought a laptop for me 5 months ago. Its a lenova with 8gb ram and ryzen 3500 u.

The laptop started crashing whenever it was used for games or software like Adobe etc. I didn't know what to do I watched many videos to try to fix it but it did not work.

So i tried safe boot to see how my games worked there. I tried games like skyrim, gta 4 ect which worked even in my 4 gb ram computer.

After trying safe boot it got stuck in infinity automatic repair loop. I still tried to do what the videos told me but it didn't work. So i tried to reinstall widows and start over again. It worked for 2 weeks although it had automatic repair sometime it got started. But now it again got automatic repair. And when I tried to fix it it the keyboard letters shows boxes with question marks instead of letters.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

First off, please mention the model of your laptop(and if possible it's SKU, not serial number). You might want to reinstall your OS after creating the bootable USB installer using Windows Media Creation Tools. Also, might want to see what your current BIOS version is on the laptop. You can use your laptop's serial number on Lenovo's support page to bring up a support page meant for your laptop, from where you can see if you have a BIOS update pending.

Keeping the above suggestions aside, where did you source the installer for your OS?