Laptop Dell Inspiron Gaming 7567 not turning on after thermal paste replacement

Jan 27, 2019
Hello. Today I decided to replace the thermal paste on my Dell 7567 because the cpu was running a bit too hot. I was as gentle as I could and it was not my first time opening up a laptop. After reassembling I tried turning it on but the screen stays black, the fans ramp up to max speed immediately (It never did that, it was mostly silent unless gaming) and after a few seconds turns off. This process does not last always the same time, sometimes its 5 seconds others a little longer. The thermal compound is non conductive (Arctic MX4).

I already tried:

- Turning it on without ram: this makes it last just two or so seconds on. No beeps (although I dont know if it should).

- Reseating ribbon cables: (almost) everything looks good

- Turning it on with nothing plugged in (hdd sdd screen wireless card or webcam)

Things that might be the cause:

- When I inspected the ribbon cables, one of them (the one that connects to the sd card reader) had the two rightmost pins bent. I dont know if i did this or it was like this from the start (I was careful). I took the ribbon cable off but the problem persists.

- When I cleaned the old thermal gunk from the cpu/gpu with isoprophyl alcohol (its a generic one but i use it all the time to clean electronics) i may have used too much. Could it have shorted something out?

I would like a better opinion from more experienced pepole to know if I should just give up or if the problem could be something i overlooked. Where I live this things a damn expensive and this laptop in particular set me back a whole paycheck a couple of months ago. I feel really stupid right now :lol:

Thank you in advance

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