Question Laptop detects external monitor but it doesn't display anything ?

Aug 6, 2022
Hello, I've had this problem with my laptop for a while now and nothing has worked to fix it. Even formatting it did nothing.

I've been using an HP EliteBook 8460p (old, I know) and have both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 installed in a dual-boot setup. Everything was fine for a long time, I update both OS' regularly but one night while gaming the external monitor suddenly failed to display anything, going black and haven't been able to fix it. The laptop detects it when it's plugged in, the monitor does not show the "no signal" message, the screen is just black showing nothing. When I change display settings it turns off and back on as if it was applying the changes, but nothing happens.

I've tried everything, from swapping cables and trying with other monitors, to updating drivers and registry changes to even formatting it tonight, hoping it would fix the issue. Well, it didn't work and I'm losing hope on finding a solution. Since it also happens on Ubuntu I figured it may be a BIOS setup issue but I'm not sure. I guess something in the motherboard failed. If you have any clue I'd appreciate it. If you need any more information about my laptop I'd be happy to share it. Thanks!