Question laptop didnt wake up from sleep

shadi shtaklef

Jul 26, 2015
2 weeks ago i removed the hard disk of the laptop which is an alienware 17 r5 and put samsung 970 nvme ssd and i did fresh install for windows 10 build 1809 on it. i have two graphics cards: intel uhd 630 and nvidia gtx 1080

when i close the laptop lid then the laptop goes to sleep and when i open it the laptop wakes up and the screen turns on. just now when i opened the laptop lid the screen stayed off and the laptop didnt wake up from sleep so i had to do force shutdown. fast boot was enabled in the power options and the driver for the intel card was 1 month old

is this a common windows bug and many others are getting it? if yes then how do i stop it from happening again? i read somewhere that the issue can be caused by enabling fast boot and an outdated graphics card so i disabled fast boot and i updated the driver for the intel card. is what i did good enough? is the main reason for the issue happening is fast boot is enabled?