Question Laptop dies while charging and I noticed my battery-wear is at 74%, should i be worried ?


Dec 12, 2016
Laptop model: MSI GF75 Leopard 10UEK
rtx 3060 75watt,
i7-10750h, clocked down to 3.6ghz,
32gb ddr4,
Windows 11

i am capable of replacing the battery, provided that its even possible with this model, i don't see anything really on google about replacing these batteries. i'm thinking its the charger for the laptop that is the problem, about 3 times now i've had the laptop die while plugged in, i turned it back on after a few minutes and saw the battery percentage dropped like 65% so it kind of looked like the charger couldn't keep up. but then i saw the battery wear level so i wanted to see what someone else had to say about this.

Temps are being monitored and absolutely no issue with temps. about 58 degrees for CPU, 48 degrees for the GPU.

The laptop was a display unit from Staples, so i don't know if the charger is the original or not. i have only had this laptop for a few months. any help is appreciated, if i missed anything sorry ive been up all night looking at memes. super tired.


Pretty much any laptop, be it slim or girthy, will have a battery. How serviceable or replaceable the battery is, depends on how competent the end user(tech guy)is. You could see if the laptop is pending any BIOS updates, that generally resolves many issues. You might also want to inform your seller since it could be a faulty unit and would either require you to RMA the laptop or a refund.

Does the laptop fully charge up when the laptop's connected to the wall and the laptop is shutdown?

Might want to share an image of the adapter/charger to see if you've got a genuine component. On the topic of a replaceable battery, might want to look here. As for the battery replacement, if you're under warranty, I'd advise on not tampering with the laptop, contact the seller instead.