Jul 18, 2012
Hello, I was on vacation last week in Arizona. While there, I transferred my camera pictures to the hard drive. Meanwhile, i configured the laptop to shut down upon lid close. I had to go out for 4 hours and was in a hurry do just closed it. Apparently, it didn't shut down and the heat from the LCD screen radiated into the keyboard, overheating the video chip, frying it. Now I get just a white screen. I want to get my contents off onto a new laptop. VGA output doesn't work. How can I transfer files to new laptop without disassembly? Thanks for any help.



Mar 21, 2012
You can't, if the video card is fried an external monitor won't work, and it would be nigh impossible to copy data blind. On the plus side most laptops only have one or two screws holding the hard drive in place. They're usually one of the easiest things to remove.
Hmm, I’m thinking it might actually be possible. Most ppl don't realize the system drive ( C: ) is automatically shared by Windows (\\machine-name\c$). Once booted, and as long as you have administrative credentials, you should be able to access it over the network from another laptop. I would at least try it.