Question Laptop display port to 2k external monitor games microstutter or fps drops


May 4, 2020
hello guys.I have a gigabyte a5 x1 laptop with ryzen 9 5900hx and rtx 3070.Recently i bought a 2k monitor from dell with 165hz.I tried connecting the laptop with 3 method 1,usb type c display port to display port,2 mini display port to dp,3 hdmi to hdmi.When im using the 2 display port connections i have microstutter in games.I play many games like a plague tale requiem,wild west,assassin creed odyssey etc.The stutter is like 1 second lag or fps drop.When im using hdmi im not encountering that issue but then i cant use gsync compatible.Things i tried...many different cables,turning of gsync compatible,lowering the refresh rate from 165 to 144hz(maybe a bandwith problem?),updating drivers.My laptop doesnt have mux switch.Buy when connecting through dp or hdmi i know that it bypasses optimus and the amd gpu of the proccesor.Last thing my temps are very good with cpu 85C max and gpu 79C max.3 Months ago i had another monitor but full hd with freesyng and the i had the same problem.So something is going on with dp connection?Any help appreciated
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