Laptop Display prob - Sony VAIO


Sep 22, 2011
I have a SONY VAIO laptop which I stored for a couple months, with battery out.
When I restarted it now only coloured stripes appear on it's monitor. Attaching it to an external external Dell monitor made for nothing on that except for an 'out of range' message.
The Sony's in-built graphics is ATI Mobility Radeon 9200.
From anyone with like experience I would appreciated any useful suggestion to try. I expect that such problem would occur accross makes.
Thank You

Anita whoknows

Nov 13, 2011

Yeah, I got that!
I have a sony vpc-ec290x with the same ATI Radeon vertical lines showed up while I was using it. 1/2 the screen went in 2 seconds then I checked the battery, ram cards and all devices. I can hook up a monitor it does take a few seconds toggeling FN and F7 key a few times you have to wait for the lap top to boot takes a few minits. It is almost like there is a loose connection to the laptop monitor I contacted sony they want 50.00 to diag over the phone. This is a new laptop and 6 months out of warranty and its a 1,000 paper wheight. On line there are alot of these laptops with monitor problems. ALOT. It is I beleive a MFG defect. It had nothing to do with you storing it. Check on line with youtube on replacing the monitor. I bet you will see your laptop with the problem it has right now! Again Sony wants 500.00 to fix that kind of problem. You spend that kind of money for a lap top Sony needs to buck up and fix this defect.
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