Question Laptop does not POST, shows black screen, cant find if the problem is my ram/cpu/motherboard/graphics card.

Jun 1, 2020
its regarding my laptop that suddenly turned off after i opened the lid after having it running overnight,

in the morning when i opened the lid the screen displayed the normal screen for a second and then suddenly turned black

i then did a hard shutdown by holding the power button, and when i powered up the laptop after a moment, there was no beep which usually would occur, the keyboard lights and led lights turn on, fan turns on, but the screen remains black(it also keeps on flashing for some reason)

i tried connecting using hdmi to a monitor but there was nothing, i did look into things a bit by googling, and i think the fault might either be in ram or the motherboard(which also includes the integrated gpu and cpu)

i still am unable to confirm if its ram as i dont have a spare stick and this lockdown doesnt allow me to get one, and if its the ram its fine.

but the main problem lies in if it is the motherboard thats faulty,

i dont know what i should do if the motherboard turns out to be faulty since it probably has the graphics card integrated onto it and the cpu too i guess
(this is the part i am really confused about actually)

should i replace the motherboard or should i rather replace the laptop itself.

any suggestions would be really appreciated.
If anyone is aware of any other reasons that might be causing the problem then pls feel free to suggest it and any solution to if possible.

My laptop is Lenovo Y50-70 type 80EJ
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