Question laptop doesn't boot always

Jul 11, 2019
Hello guys, I am trying to find answer for my laptop issue but bad luck till now, I am going to repair shop soon just want to confirm if chances of major issue is less, I want to build gaming pc this month but also in need of laptop i will be in delusion, So pleaseeee help :(:(

device - hp pavilion 15 ab035TX

My laptop doesn't boot always just black(blank) display capslock blink 3 times, fan spin, all lights like power light on,,,,
I have to wait random amount of time (hours, days) also have to try multiple times to get it boot.

after it turn on, the trackpad and keypad doesn't work always sometime keypad work sometime both work its random, however apart from it everything work fine
audio, video, gaming, use it as much i want it doesn't get off in middle
if i send it in sleep mode sometime it wake up perfectly sometime doesn't.

hp support say 3 blinks means Ram issue but then how it get turned on sometime? or cmos?

i want to know what could be the issue? Please expert.