Question Laptop doesn't turn on in the morning. Works fine when it sometimes turns on. Issue?


Aug 10, 2013
For the past 4 days my MSI GS63 7RD is giving trouble turning on. The hard disk light blinks once and the power light turns on (red) but no other lights (Bluetooth etc) turn on and no display (not even MSI logo). CPU fan spins and after few seconds GPU fans also start spinning but there's no heat.
So far I have tried
  1. Unplugging and long pressing power button.
  2. Resetting EC by long pressing pin at the back of the laptop.
  3. Upgrading bios to the latest version
  4. Running all scans on Windows (sfc, dism, cleaning up registry) - no bad files
It doesn't turn on in the morning but once it does (usually when I carry it out in my bag) then it works normally for that day and even turns on after shutting down.
But at night even if I leave it on sleep it doesn't wake up in the morning.

My room does build up a lot of moisture at night, I can feel it on the laptop frame and keyboard too. Could it be the reason? Any way I can be sure of it and what should I do?

Battery is not degraded since it still lasts 4-5 hours on a charge during normal usage, moreover it is only 1 year old.
CMOS battery also doesn't seem degraded since I don't lose time on Windows (without set time automatically selected too).