Question Laptop doesn't turn on properly unless I press & hold any key ?

Apr 12, 2021
Have a laptop here, Redmibook 14 (about 1.5 years old I'd say). Giving me very weird issues.

Issue started out a few days back out of the blue, when i turned it on and it shows the Mi logo and then power cycles.

Well long story short, after some troubleshooting. Found out its the keyboard acting up, since i initially thought it was a much bigger problem as it was power cycling. But if press & hold any key on the keyboard, the Laptop functions normally (albeit losing that one key).

When I release the key, the screen goes blank and if I immediately hold another key, the screen comes on and the laptop functions normally again. If you dont hold any key down on the keyboard for like more than 2 seconds, it starts power cycling again.

More info:
1. Using magnifying glass, did not see any visible burn marks whatsoever on the board (back and front), as well as charging port and battery cables look all perfectly fine. No spills or moisture damage.

2. Turned the laptop on, disconnected the keyboard connector and used an external keyboard. Everything works perfectly fine and no longer power cycles. Though this isnt a good solution, only a temp workaround as the power button for the laptop is on the keyboard too.

Any suggestions? Other than comepletely replacing the keyboard ?