Question Laptop Fan control after reinstall. Gigabyte Smart Manager no longer controls fans.. Bug

Apr 9, 2019
Hey all,

Just posted to Reddit earlier and had a whole raft of kids who have a youtube channels try and help me.
Unfortunately not a single one of them read my thread and just said stuff I have already covered.

If someone can go over this and let me know if they have any suggestions it would be good.
I realize I bagged kids with youtube channels showing you how to install malware, So I will clear the Air. I was a MCP with a few other random certs up until 3 years ago.. Did specialize in virtualization.

I have a Gigabyte Sabre 15, P45W is the exact model..
I reinstalled windows, re downloaded the Smart Manager from Gigabyte but for some reason my fan control no longer works.
Does anyone have any knowledge as to why or what I can do to just set them to 100%? How to fix this program or if there is a third party app that I can use?

I let Windows get most drivers first then added in the ones it missed.. Nothing unknown in Deviceman currently. All recognized devices.
Tried running app via admin, Reboot, installed Gigabyte Smart Update and I am not missing anything apart from Soundblaster cancerous shit and alike.
I am stumped. Since it is a piece of junk laptop made by Gigabyte Crevo I cannot control the fans with software like Speedfan or MSI afterburner. My laptop also has 1 CPU and 1 GPU fan, both individual on own power feed/pwm.