Question (Laptop) Fan Management with HWINFO

Mar 29, 2022
Hi. I recently failed after multiple attempts to get AWCC to detect the AlienFX components it used before even after resetting my PC so I looked for software which could control stuff like fan speeds and found HWinfo. After downloading the latest version I found my fans spinning up often a lot faster than the Performance Profile from AWCC would give however it only allowed me to set my fan speeds to specific values
CPU (i7 8750H) Fan: Min: 0rpm Mid: 2400rpm Max: 3907rpm
GPU (RTX 2070 Max-Q) Fan: Min: 0rpm Mid 2600rpm Max: 4096rpm
Considering that when I ran my PC on the "Balanced" profile on AWCC and my CPU when simply idling 60 - 80 degrees and my GPU could stay around 40 - 60 degrees and when during games from experience my CPU could hit 90 - 100 degrees and be fine whilst it took my GPU to around 75 degrees before crashing. I normally set it to performance as the Balanced control plan for the fans would never ramp the fans up fully however setting them to performance would keep the CPU at the same temps but my GPU would rather sit around 65 - 70 degrees and stay around there when on Games such as Wreckfest or Fortnite on High graphics settings. Since I don't have AWCC anymore I have been able to somewhat replicate the profile however sometimes the fan speed sounds like its ramping up a lot higher than AWCC allowed the fans to spin up to (I think AWCC limited the fan speed to 3907rpm however I can hit up to 4096rpm with custom controls from HWinfo)? Will this be safe for my fans?
Laptop Model: Alienware M15 (link to laptop)


Win 11 Master
Jun 12, 2015