Question Laptop fan stops working when I start Unity

Aug 29, 2019
So, laptop and the fan works well when i boot it up. Fan works normally when browsing in chrome and such. But the moment I turn on Unity and start working on it the fan stops working and laptop gets very hot, starts to slow down gradually because of the heat and If I close Unity, get PC to sleep and open it again or reboot it completely the fan goes on again. What is the problem?

Problem isn't dust because I've just installed a new SSD and made a clean install of windows, cleaned out the dust aswell.
It isn't the BIOS aswell I believe because I've upgraded it to the latest version.
I don't know what else to check.
And one more info, for some reason when I go into bios it shows 0 rpm for Fan, that issue was there before the clean install and new SSD aswell, I couldn't solve it no matter what I did.
Can it be that something is wrong with the fan itself and it's connection to motherboard?


You might double-check where it's connected on the motherboard. You might have accidentally connected the fan to the wrong fan header. Worth a try.

It's possible your fan is defective. This is an odd case, but the fan itself is an electrical device and could plausibly overheat and quit working. I've not seen an issue quite like this before, but the best solution I can think to try is to replace the fan.