[SOLVED] Laptop fan won't start, what can be done?

Jan 9, 2021
One of the fans on my MSI gaming laptop starting making a very loud screeching sound so I replaced it with an identical fan. Once I put everything back together, the new fan won't start on boot up. I also tested with the old fan, but it also does not start.

There's a working fan on the other side of the laptop, and the old fan will start if I plug it into that port when the laptop turns on. Aside from the fan not working everything else seems to be fine.

What else can I test or try doing to get the new fan to work? Would it be safe to use with only one working internal fan and a cooling pad?


Jan 10, 2021
I'm no expert and sorry if you know this already, but I fell for this a year or so ago with a laptop fan problem: are you sure the fan is meant to be spinning all the time, laptop fans are controlled with cpu temperature, if you have system monitoring software you should be able to turn the fans up to max to be sure that specific fan should be spinning at the time

as for using it without the fan, I would be very careful with that idea, you risk overheating your system and causing more damage, if you know what temperature it usually runs at and can monitor it reliably to make absolutely sure its running at a normal temperature it could be done, I personally wouldn't risk it