Laptop for 300 dollars.


May 5, 2012
Suggestions for a laptop for under 300 dollars. I can go up to 370 but no further. hdd size doesn't matter


14+ screen resolution isn't a problem
decent processor(anything that's modern and wont lap loading up a few webpages)

that's about it. I have a 128GB vertex 4 ssd im going to put inside it since I got a Samsung 840 250gb ssd for my desktop.

just so if anyone is wonder, this is for my sister. she is going to do facebook, oovoo(video chat) and watch Korean dramas and youtube videos and listen to music. she did buy a netbook with the atom processor but she said it was too slow. so anything that is significantly faster than the atom processor.
Wait for black friday. Get an i3-2xxx based laptop from best buy or equivalent. Should be very fast, outstanding battery life and in low/mid $300. GL.

other approach. Search the outlet stores from lenovo, hp, dell and find a refurbished laptop (someone bought and returned). Should find something good under $400.