Question laptop freezes at shutdown and sleep, giving black screen

Sep 21, 2018
hey guys...
I have an Acer nitro V running windows 10 home with 1TB HDD, 8GB ram and GTX1060 graphics.

So the problem is, sometimes my laptop gives a black screen after shut down(or sleep) while the fans and keyboard backlit still on.
and if it was sleep, laptop doesn't wake up even. I have waited like 3 hours and still the same black screen.
This doesn't happen every time, but only in random occasions. this happened more often earlier.
Laptop is still under warranty and once they checked and replaced the HDD, saying that the fault is in the HDD.
Problem seemed to be solved at first but it happened again in the following day. but the occurrence is less than before.
So, I have to keep on pressing the power button to force shut down the laptop every time I get this problem, which is not good.

Before I give the laptop back to repair, I would like to know if you guys ever have come across this kind of a problem, if so, how to fix this.
please help. thanks