Question Laptop freezes randomly ?

May 16, 2021
I have a HP Pavillion 15-bc200nt which started to freeze randomly.

It all started when I was playing GTA5 and the pc suddenly crashed and gave black screen saying that cmos checksum are faulty (I cant remember the exact message but that is what the message was all about). I wasnt able to boot the pc so I replaced the cmos battery with a new one. I removed the old battery with a screwdriver without having any ESD protection. I didnt feel static electric discharge though.

The pc finally booted up but now it randomly freezes. It freezes both when i play games, browse on google chrome and even when the pc is idle. It happens both when pc is hot and warm. Generally, the freeze starts with a black screen and the the screen comes back completely frozen. Sometimes, the initial black screen has some colorful vertical thin lines scattered in the screen. Sometimes, the windows blue comes up saying that something went wrong and it will reboot but it doesnt reboot since the pc the frozen. The blue screen also prints out the WHEA_UNRECOVERABLE_ERROR msg code.

The freeze happens both during booting process and during regular usage. I have dual boot with ubuntu and it freezes as well. Ubuntu is installed on hdd. Win10 is installed in ssd but it also uses some parts of the hdd.

I have run all available hardware tests and they all pass. I tried to replace the thermal paste on gpu and cpu couple of times. There were some excess paste on the circuitry of gpu and I also tried to clean them as much as possible. I also made a hard reset on windows, reinstalled bios from HP but no luck. I replaced my AC charger which also didnt help.

I have nvidia driver 466 installed.
Here is the pc specs:

Any ideas on how to solve it?
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