Question Laptop freezes when gaming if not plugged in charging :(

Nov 22, 2019
Hey i just bought a new laptop from EBUYER, MEDION ERAZER i5 7th gen 7200U, GTX 950m, 8GB RAM. the laptop runs fine when gaming if the charger is plugged in, but if i start my laptop up without any charger and go to play World of Warcraft for example, after around 30 minutes the laptop freezes and i have to reset it by holding the power button down until it goes off. If im just browsing the web, everything is fine, this affect is only when gaming. Can anyone tell me if this is normal, i bought this laptop to play games when im traveling, my pc at home is a custom built by myself and doesnt give me any problems. I have had laptops in the past by HP, and iv never seen this sitation, on my old laptop, it would play until asking for a charger or the laptop dies, with this new laptop, if just freezes, even with battery remaining.