Question Laptop freezes while gaming with the dedicated MX230 GPU ?

Jul 15, 2022
My laptop, an Acer Aspire A315, featuring a i5 8265u, 8gb ram, and a mx 230 GPU, has a problem.

It has been happening for a while, when i game with my MX 230, after some time, the laptop freezes, and requires a hard restart to go back to normal, now, the key here is that:

  1. it is not a temp issue
  2. it is not a maintenance issue
hell, i even undervolted the gpu via rivaturner, overclocked it, let it run stock (which is not doable for gaming cause the gpu frequency tends to drop really hard to the 100-400mhz causing massive stuttering).

my solution for the spikes was to lock the frequency of the gpu, this solved the spikes, but still, didn't solve the main big issue, the pc freezing.

I tried gaming only with the IGPU, disabling the MX 230, and since then it hasn't crashed while gaming, the bad thing is, that this intel hd 620 gives me way worse performance, but doesn't freeze, also, keep in mind, my PC has never frozed during casual use, only freezes while gaming, and no, CPU doesn't overheat either, don't know what to do, the dedicated gpu seems to be soldered, so i can't remove it.

there is no info of the crashes in the event viewer, only the events of the hard restart that i perform to get the pc back to normal, also, not a driver issue, this has been happening for a while, tried everything, different drivers, clean installs, different OS, same issue.

I do know this is not a gaming laptop, but come on, it is the first laptop i've ever had that freezes while gaming, i am not even pushing it that hard, there are plenty of games this GPU is able to run, and it runs them, but it freezes, which doesn't make any sense, the laptop should be able to handle that load

Also, the freezes can happen at any moment of the gaming session, meaning i can go playing for hours and boom, hell, sometimes i game and its all okey, but other time freezes 15 min from the beginning of the session, and no, it is not linked to one game, it happens in all of them.

Almost forgot to say, when it freezes, most of the times it makes a sudden beeping noise, pretty brief but loud and noticable, not always but most of the cases it is this way.

I will really appreciate some help here, maybe there is no solution, but at least i want to know if somebody else has ever had an issue like this ?