Question Laptop freezes


Apr 13, 2019
Laptop model : NP67025E-X01
Windows 10
Intel hd 4000
Radeon graphics card r9 m200x
Processor i5 3230m 2.6ghz
The problem is that my computer kept randomly freezing and didnt respond to anything so i had to force it to shut down , thought that the problem might be with the hdd so bought a new one , the problem continued to appear (runs fine if i use google and other browsers but if i try to play something or in some cases update some intel drivers(might be the same for others ) it freezes and doesn't work and sometimes this happens randomly . I think the problem is in cpu because when i used a program pcwizard or smth it showed that my cpu was running at only 1180 when its max is 2600 (the task manger said that it was running at 3.0 sometime instead of 2.6 (it also said that it was working at 115 % of its abilities)) if any of u got any ideas of how to fix this id be really glad to hear them . Thank you all in advance
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