Question Laptop freezing & blackscreen (have to do forced turn off and on TWO times) + higher temps??

Nov 30, 2021
Hello, I would like to ask if this is concerning or not in the moment, and what would be the cause of it.
Laptop specs..
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3550H with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx
GPU (dgpu): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mobile
GPU (igpu): AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics
RAM: 6GB (8GB, 2gb occupied by igpu, thats why i have only 6gb available)

First, laptop freezing..
I noticed two varieties of my laptop freezing:
  • laptop black screen: my laptop suddenly turns black screen and my keyboard on the laptop still lights red if I tap on it, and my cooler is still working, but else the ntb freezes
  • laptop freezing: my laptop freezes but the screen just freezes, and otherwise same as the last one, red light on my laptop kb still works
  • laptop freezes, then blackscreens: basically for like a while its frozen and then blackscreens, but yeah still the same attributes as the last two
Also, it happens only I think when it's plugged in.. but there's a exception, but I will write it in the varieties of situations it can turn off.
And, it happens only DURING gaming, or if I played games during the time my laptop was turned on. (mostly 1-2h)

So now, the times it can happen:
  • during games (mostly)
  • when I turn off a game and I'm going like to YouTube it can happen
  • and the most weird and sometimes funny that is random one.. unplugging the charger:
ok ok, it may sound as a battery issue, well MAYBE it is,
but i don't know, it works good without being plugged on, and even better with temps (logically)
and still, it doesn't happen frequently because of this, but it happens sometimes

I think it's probably because of temperatures, because when I play a game, then mostly it's around 80-90cpu, and 75-85gpu, and if I call on Discord during it,
and if it's a little bit more intensive for my laptop, it can be even higher (depends on the game)

But, there is the weirdest thing which is the biggest reason I decided to make this thread:
it doesn't turn on the first time

Basically, first, my laptop freezes & blackscreens, then I turn it off.
Then, I turn it on, but the screen is still BLACK SCREEN.
After that, I have to hold the power button for like 30seconds until it turns off again, and then I see my splash screen Acer of the laptop, and it turns on.. except it doesn't do that always ... sometimes it blackscreens again after the splash screen and I have again to turn off and on the laptop TWO times..

The only time I don't need to do this, is when the screen doesn't turn off, but freezes.

Also, the temperatures!
First, idle temps for the cpu are probably I think around 35cpu because now, when I have firefox, discord, notepad, task manager, and NitroSense opened, I only have 40cpu
Also, I ALWAYS have my cooling on max I can from my cooling app (5769RPM), and sometimes I have to turn on my fan centered to my laptop when I want to have less temps.. although I sometimes
think, it doesn't decrease temps too much and it's just a illusion.. also, cooler pads! I actually have one, but it's not that good, doesn't sometimes even work, and when it works,
it's weak at doing its job... and also, I heard while researching that you can in battery settings turn off boost clock that basically makes CPU go faster when it can,
and I tried doing it.. and it kinda worked (i think it lowered cpu temps by 10) but FPS at some games were pretty low, and my processor
at default is pretty bad.. although yeah, I will turn it off during this actually.

And yeah.. I had 100C playing a 2D (osu) game once.. although it's not that unreasonable because I had it on 280FPS..
and when I play osu on a call, I still can get like around 87-96c temps, but yeah I have it on 260-280fps so no wonder.

STILL, I would like to hear if there's a better fix than that, and if the turning off is truly just caused by high temps, which would be weird, because I never reached
max temp I think on my GPU and CPU, and it would be cool if I didn't have to set graphics to lowest in every game even if it is capable of running it.

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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

We're going to need a little more information from you. You forgot to mention the make and model of your laptop. Also, what BIOS version are you on for said laptop? What games are you taxing the laptop with? Make and model of the laptop cooler? A link to said cooler would help us two fold and give us an understanding of whether it's going it's job.

As for your processor, the Ryzen mobile variants can go up to 105 Deg C before they thermally shut down.
Nov 30, 2021
Hello! So, first:
Make and Model of the laptop... Acer Nitro 5 AN515-43-R1RK
BIOS Version... (checking through msinfo32, because i don't want to go into bios directly): Insyde Corp. V1.08, 24.12.2019 & SMBIOS 3.1 & UEFI
Games I'm taxing the laptop with... GAMES MY LAPTOP ALREADY TURNED OFF: osu!, just die already (in a discord call), hollow knight, and genshin impact
Make and model of the laptop cooler (i think you meant cooler pad??): EVOLVEO Ania5R (it doesn't work at that sense because it doesn't wanna be plugged in consistently so it can cool)

And thanks for information according the CPU max temperature.
Also, I will update the situation now:

Well, recently also, sometimes my laptop freezed and blackscreened after the Acer splash screen or on the log on page in Windows after a freeze (and two forced shutdowns so it unfreezes) and that causes when I go turn it off, on, off and on forcefully so it works, a Windows Repair message.

The Windows Repair is along those lines (i dont remember it very well + i have to translate it to english so sorry if it isnt accurate)..


Windows didn't start properly. You can try restarting your computer with the button below, or you can try to repair it yourself with the advanced options below.

I always clicked the restart button, and it worked. But it didn't work too long, because my laptop decided to go on a black screen rampage.

It black screened during osu, I restarted it (turned off and turn on), black screen.
Turned off and on again, it reached the log on page. It was logging in to my offline account, and then, black screen.

I restarted it once again, black screen as always, turned it off and on, then Windows repair message. Although it was worded a little bit differently. (i remember it even less)

Windows didn't start properly. You can try restarting, it many times fixes the issue, or you can try and repair with the options in the advanced options.

Well, I tried restarting it as always, but surprisingly, it turned off on the Acer splash screen. Then I tried to leave it have a break so I don't break the laptop accidentaly (like a hour break), then I turned it on, and I think, it again decided to go into the Windows Repair page, and I decided to reset the computer through the advanced options.

Now, it reset, and it's working okay, but I will see when I try games on it again.
If it doesn't happen for a longer time, nice, although I'm still not sure about the cause.

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