Question Laptop got slightly messed up after it froze and got force restarted.

Jun 2, 2022
I've been watching a random video online and my Lenovo Gaming 3 laptop just randomly froze out of nowhere, I did ctrl alt delete and everything but it was just firmly stuck and unreactive, I then decided to hold the power button and restart the laptop. After it turned on, I noticed that some of the icons on my desktop and other apps been resized, like size has increased. Then I noticed the size got a little messed up, it started crackling, when watching videos or even turning on an app and such. Then I've noticed that it didn't recognise the graphics card at first, it's a 3050 graphics card, it was just showing microsoft render driver or something like that. A few tries later it started showing and I tried turning on a game, which was Farming Simulator 22 to be exact, and I only had 5 fps at most, even in the lobby. I don't know what is wrong with my laptop which is fairly new, like 2 months old. Please help me out, guys.