Question Laptop gpu crash when playing games if plugged in. nvlddmkm


Mar 29, 2017
i have msi gf63 with i7 8750h, and gtx 1050
it frequenlty crash when i plugged in power when playing, designing or anything gpu related. it says nvlddmkm stopped and quickly recover.
i have tried undervolting cpu and gpu, but i cant make my gpu stable with underclocking.
also my gpu is a lot more stable when using windows default driver albeit showing a lot of artifact, and if i try to update driver it will only work for few minutes untill crash

my takeaway is this, my gpu works fine when its on battery power, but when my gpu is taking power straight from the brick, it will frequenlty crash after game or designing. or when "power source changed" on event viewer.
can i do something about this power source change so it will always use battery power despite me charging?