Question laptop gpu error code 43

Sep 9, 2022
I have a Lenovo Y520 15IKBN, I had performed a system restore after which my 1050 was not showing up in task manager

Tried downloading GeForce experience but i get stuck in an installation loop where even after I finish installing, the express installation or custom installation options don't go away, the cog wheel, account and home are greyed out

GPU does not appear in task manager instead only the integrated GPU is listed

GTX 1050 is detected in device manager but it gives me error 43 and a yellow exclamation mark In front of it

something to note, integrated graphics now has something called "shared gpu memory" which is 3.9 GB my 1050 had 4 GB VRAM, this wasn't here before.
also my gtx 1050 was called gpu 0 in task manager but now the igpu shows in its place

I tried using the Lenovo diagnostics tool but when i had attempted to run a benchmark it presented my with the following error "Video card could not execute an operation"
Result Code:WVC0000000000000000-UI7DLD
additionally in Lenovo nerve center (before it randomly stopped working) displayed my gpu as a 1050 ti.
i have reinstalled windows, wiped everything
i also tried downloading gpu z it detects my 1050 but a lot of the information is displayed as unknown

when i try running a render test it uses my igpu instead and when i try to disable that it just uses the cpu