Laptop GPU Install, No HDMI Audio


Aug 15, 2017
I am having a hell of a time trying to get my new gpu (GTX 965m) working on my zbook g3 15. so far, i've got everything working except for my audio out via hdmi. the laptops speakers work fine when not hooked up to a monitor, as does the 3.5mm out. Hdmi display works as well, but the monitor isnt recognized as an audio device. My guess is that this has something to do with my GPU driver. The whole entire process of upgrading this GPU has been one headache after another.

First, my gpu wasnt even recognized by the computer to begin with. In order to do that, i had to edit the driver installation files. i watched a video ( that instructed me to edit 2 specific files by adding my hardware id to certain lines.This got the system to recognize that i had a gpu attached.

Second, i found that even though the computer recognized my gpu, the driver would not install. this was because i needed to edit more than just the 2 specific files, infact, i needed to edit every file that had my base hardware id in it (from what i understand) which is 1427 by adding a line with my specific hardware id 1427.80d5.103c this has gotten me to the point im at now, where the display works on both the laptop and an external display, but wont send audio via hdmi.

Ive tried messing with sound settings, device manager, drivers, but cant seem to find the solution. i dont really want to have to go through the process of editing my driver installation files again unless i've gotten a suggested change in my process.

so far, i've checked out these guides, and have had no luck after following them meticulously.

My screen caps for settings are at