Question Laptop GPU or circuit of it makes an electrical buzzing sound when its under load.

Nov 17, 2022
I didn't know where the sound was coming from so I opened up the laptop, I assumed it was a fan at first but after examining I conclude it was coming from a GPU area, its either GPU making this noise or circuit.

Noise gets gradually higher as GPU gets more loaded. When I run the Cinebench - noise is non-existent but when I run GPU benchmark or a game noise comes back but no matter how heavily it gets loaded during game it wont sound as loud as it sounds during running the Unreal Engine 5 project and for some strange reason noise goes away when I click the mouse button and hold it on drop down menus of UE5, nowhere else, it does it on a drop down menus and as soon as I release the button noise comes back.

It also goes very quite if I unplug it but its because theres not enough power fed to the GPU.

How bad is this, will it damage the GPU or motherboard eventually? and is there any fix?