Question Laptop graphics and keyboard issues ?


Dec 1, 2013
Hi guys

This one has me stumped :(

My son was watching a video on his gaming laptop when all of a sudden the sound went distorted (he's using a USB headset).

He rebooted the laptop and when it restarted he was unable to use the keyboard and as it's a RGB keyboard he noticed that it wasn't even lit up.

He used his external mouse to bring up the start menu and you could see that it looks like the 8 key was continuously being pressed down.

We rebooted it again and the screen was acting like the graphics card was playing up and this time the N key acts as if it's being pressed down.

I tried booting in safe mode bit it was the same.

I also dismantled it and cleaned up the keyboard and made sure the key were working ok and replaced ther thermal paste on the graphics card and CPU but we have the same problem with the screen flickering with lines and the keyboard acting like the N key is being continually pressed.

I'm a bit lost as I could blame the keyboard and even blame the graphics card, but it seems strange that everything would stop working at the same time.

Any ideas ?