Question Laptop hangs when using browsers and other instances


May 21, 2009
So for about the last 2 weeks or so ny older asus q550L laptop has been freezing or hanging and needs to be hard reset. I did a year ago upgrade the ram and put in an ssd, never had issues.

I've been watching YouTube and paramount on it lately and after about 20 to 30 mins the video will freeze. I'm able to close the browser window sometimes but nothing else works. Can't click on anything, control alt delete won't work. It happened with Chrome and edge.

I've updated windows, tested ram, disabled extensions, updated gpu drivers, updated Chrome, updated network card, did sfc/scannow, deleted history and a few other small things to no avail.

I did check the other day with videos thst were on my laptop already, was able to watch 5 25 min videos without interruption but then next day I just logged in and it hung up. I also tried to run network repair and that hangs on the first step.

I'm not totally sure if its the browser or internet or network card but it seems to hang doing that. Suggestions?