[SOLVED] Laptop has no display signal. Could it be a dead processor?

Jun 21, 2021
My acer V5-471G is turning on but no display, no hdmi signal too. Problem started yesterday after which I was able to do a bios reset(holding the power button for 30s) but nothing. Did a few hard restarts, then got the display working, motherboard beeped once, showed some colour blocks then turned black(on but blank). Several hard reboots later it turned on and booted. Used it for a while, did a system restart and everything seemed normal for some hours, then the display showed some colour blocks and froze(was using chrome at the time), did a hard reboot and now its back to no display and no hdmi signal.

When battery is connected and power is connected, charging light shows, when power button is pressed, the power on led turns on, fan spins but no display. It uses an integrated gpu for display rendering and an nvidia gpu for demanding programs. I have to mention that the nvidia gpu was no longer visible in device manager when I booted to windows but was working before this issue arose. Is my intel gpu dead? Or is the entire processor gone? Its a BGA board so no replacement of components can be done. Help if you can please.