Laptop has squaretrade protection and accidental damage recovery, Squaretrade appears to have "fixed" destroyed laptop in record time?


Oct 13, 2015
So hold on for a long story, the other day I was walking to classes when I slipped and fell onto the curb. I was carrying my MSI WS 63 laptop in my backpack. I landed on the backpack and seriously damaged the laptop. I have worked at a computer repair company for a year prior, so I consider myself fairly well versed in these subjects. I do not have pictures, but the damage was as follows: Screen was cracked and unresponsive, The top of the laptop had two huge dents in the metal cover, one corresponding to where the screen was cracked. The entire chassis of the laptop was bent, as in it was flat along teh front edge for 75% of the width, but then took about a -30 degree angle downwards. (THIS LOOKS ROUGH) Upon attempting to boot I heard multiple fans were broken and one was unresponsive. There was also a hard drive "ticking" sound as well as a rattling within the laptop. I sent it into square trade and it arrived this morning. I get an email this afternoon saying they have fixed my laptop and are sending it back to me already. How is this possible? Are they that good? Or am I being bamboozled? I know a lot about these kinds of things and this was in bad shape. I usually would have fixed this myself, but it was that bad. Thoughts?? I expected if the laptop to be fixed that the case be fixed, I will not settle for a bent and damage prone laptop. This bend was bad, It could have even cracked the mobo.

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