Question Laptop has suddenly started stuttering ?


Aug 10, 2015

32gb ram
2080 Super
1tb ssd RAID 0
Windows 10

So it just started stuttering randomly mid game. No such issues the past 2 years. In every more demanding game, like gta 5 it just starts freezing and stuttering for 5 seconds and it comes and goes, sometimes every 15 minutes. I clocked down the cpu and gpu clocks to the lowest possible that the msi dragon center lets me but the issue still comes up after about 20 minutes of playing or so. The temps are always around mid 80s or 90 max and the paste has been recently changed, as it just came from warranty a month ago. It was in warranty service because of a mobo change. It just didnt boot up suddenly. They gave me back the laptop and the speakers are all messed up and humming,plus they didnt connect the rgb stripes so no more pretty lights as well.
Could it be the two m.2 SSDs in raid 0 messing with the thing? Its about 70% full atm. Ive heard its not good to combine two hard drives together? These are 512gb + 512gb that form 1tb C disk. Idk the brands but theyre the original parts.
What should i do? This is making a 3K laptop useless to me, as the games just stop being functional mid game and just ruin the session. Should i take it back to warranty? I feel like they usually ignore or cant detect gaming stutter issues mostly? Or should i give it a go? Im getting desperate :(
Hey there,

So, it sounds like your laptop is throttling. Both the CPU and possibly the GPU. What temps are they getting individually? Is the CPU hitting 90-95c? Even if just 85c most laptop manufactures set the PROCHOT value low than normal. Sometimes 95c. So if your CPU ever gets close to that, it will just throttle back to a speed where the CPU can cool down a bit. This process causes stuttering.

Run HWInfo, and Cinebench R23 along side each other. HWInfo will show you the temps of your CPU.

Most gaming laptops have heat issues. Sometimes because they are not cleaned enough, or is in an area where there is poor airflow. The thermal paste can also wear, and isn't very good to begin with. Replacing the paste with an unknown paste may still be causing the issue. It could also be the application of the paste.

Sounds to me that the warranty crew are bunch of cowboys if they sent it back in a condition not received in. I would have major issues about that.

If there is still warranty cover, then that might be a solution, but given that's been a nothing burger to begin with, either repair yourself, or bring to a reputable store that you know of, who can give it a good clean, repaste, and test.