Question Laptop HDD suddenly not initialized - what to do?


Apr 13, 2014
Hi guys, I have an Acer Predator laptop that has a 500GB primary SSD and a secondary 1TB HDD.

I recently upgraded my SSD from the stock 128GB to the 500GB one. Today, I remembered that there was a file that I forgot to backup from the old SSD so I opened my laptop and reinstalled the old SSD just to copy that file. The old SSD had Windows installed so I just booted the laptop after swapping it in.

While doing so, I did not disconnect the HDD. After I was done copying the file from the old SSD, I put the newer SSD back in.
But now when I booted Windows up, my HDD was not visible in the explorer. I opened the Windows disk management tool and I was presented with a wizard which said that I had to initialize the disk before it could be read. (

I tried clicking OK on the wizard in the above photo but then another error saying 'incorrect function' popped up.

I have no idea how to access my HDD files now.
Is there any way to restore my HDD back to the way it was? Please help me.