Question laptop HDD to tv


Model for your LG 4K tv? The manual for your TV should state what file formats and partition structure your TV can support. Some only work with a specific file format and the drive needs to be one partition as opposed to having multiple partitions.
Dec 6, 2019
Model is UJ65. I can't find the manual. Maybe I lost it. Help
What type of wire is used normally, so that my tv can access file from laptop?
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There are two ways (OK, three) for a TV to play local content:
  • your TV has an USB port, and it can directly read and play media files off attached USB device (not necessary hard drive);
  • you TV has Ethernet or WiFi connection, and supports DLNA protocol. In that case, you can make your laptop DLNA server, and stream to the TV.
It is up to the software and performance of the TV and laptop whether this will be enough for 4k play.

The third option is just to use your TV as second laptop display, connecting iver HDMI or DP. For 4k content, your laptop must be able to support it.