Laptop help! i7 920 vs i7 975 for a laptop

Well the differences are mainly the 975 has an unlocked multiplier which makes it a breeze to overclock but I dont know how much you can overclock in a laptop. I would say if hes looking for a higher clock then the I7 960 would be a better more economic choice. I dont see anything that would justify putting an 975 in a laptop since you wont be able to use the full potential of it.

LOL - and you are the lucky recipient of the old lappy? :p. In that case, suggest to him that he try using a SSD in the old one first, before giving it to you :D.


May 11, 2009
Well it somewhat depends, will digital storms bios allow you to overclock?. If so then the 920, if not then the 960 to save money, 133 mhz is definitely not worth $500, but gpu is most likely going to be the most important component

Well I didnt say heat but thats why I said you wont be able to use the full potential of the 975. Overclocking a laptop is not an easy task since heat build up is a very big problem so why get an extreme edtion CPU if you wont be able to take advantage of its unlocked multi a big waist in my eyes..