Question Laptop keeps freezing randomly, even in safe mode - Dell Inspiron 14R N4010

Nov 27, 2020
My knowledge is extremely limited. But I really need help. So here I am. And thank you for your time.

Since two days ago, this laptop started freezing randomly. It happens while browsing the web, or when its idle. This also happened while start up and in safe mode even. The audio gets distorted when it freezes. And it stays that way until the power is taken out. It also froze while checking the C drive for errors.

I read a few articles here and there and tried the following:
  • System File checker (said no issues)
  • Memory Diagnostics (no issues )
  • Scan drives for errors ( it froze once while doing C drive as I said. But nothing from here either)
I read it could be because of outdated drivers. But there are no driver updates from the dell website. And I don't know how it works so I don't know where else to look for it. If you can provide any help, I would be very grateful.

Should I try to update the BIOS? The website provide a version A13 and I have A07.

Additionally, I would like to mention my dad decided to dissemble this laptop to clean the fan himself. However it didn't turn on anymore later so we did have to take to the shop. And it worked fine until now.

Thank you.