Question Laptop Keyboard behaving erratically after getting wet

Jun 4, 2021
Yesterday I stepped on my laptop with a wet foot and my built-in keyboard has been behaving strangely since. After it got wet I closed it for about 30 seconds. After I opened it I turned it off and wiped it with a towel. I turned it back on and it seemed to work fine but certain keys would type different letters, or even multiple letters. I had this problem about a year ago and it seemed to sort itself out, but my Backspace and quote keys stopped working so I got a USB keyboard . I turned off my computer for about 3 hours but when I turned it on again it just got worse. Today its starting to spam characters without any interaction so I tried many ways to deactivate the keyboard, to no avail. I need to constantly hold down some keys to type on my USB keyboard at all and restarting it works for about 5 minutes. Any solutions would be appreciated, either to fix the keyboard or to deactivate it entirely.

My laptop is an HP Pavilion.

EDIT: I stepped on it when it was open.
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If any water got to the interior of the laptop (likely in this case) then the damage is done. At the very least you're looking at a new keyboard, and at worst a new keyboard and motherboard. Even if no water infiltrated you have the damage caused by stepping on the keyboard. Just because there is no visible outside damage does not mean that something didn't get bent/broken internally. Either way this laptop needs to be benched, disassembled and inspected.