Question Laptop Keyboard Malfunctioning

Sep 28, 2019
Sometimes when I type something on my laptop keyboard (especially the h key) it goes crazy. When I type h it types hge9+ and F2. It happens on keys like n and g and J as well. It does the same on Linux and is fine with external keyboards so I think it's hardware related.

I opened my laptop to fix my trackpad and blew on the keyboard from the inside to see if it was dust and it stopped having the problem for a day. Then it came back.

My laptop is a 360 hinge and has spent most of its life with the screen up and keyboard facing down so dust could be the issue. I can't disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable as it seems to be partially glued on.

I have never spilt anything on my laptop or dropped it. It is out of warranty as well. The keyboard is membrane. It is the Asus Vivobook Flip tpa.

Any help is appreciated.

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