Question Laptop Keyboard Ribbon Position Does Not Match Keyboard Connector Position On New Laptop Motherboard


Apr 2, 2012
For the full backstory on this issue, please refer to this thread which I just made:

So, once the new motherboard and other relevant connectors and components were safely reconnected, the keyboard was one of the final pieces to be reinstalled. This being my very first time working with ribbon connectors, it was stressful enough, but, I am thankful for the experience, and that I did not break anything.

So, I am trying to insert the ribbon into the keyboard connector before setting the keyboard in completely, but I am having trouble inserting the ribbon all the way into the connector. Eventually, I think that I might be able to do it more easily, if I set the keyboard into place first. This is when I see, that the keyboard connector on the new motherboard, is not lining up with the ribbon position on the keyboard.

The ribbon does have a lose portion, but this lose portion is oriented vertically, to enable lifting the keyboard up enough to reach the keyboard ribbon locking sockets. Looking at the motherboard from behind the laptop, the new keyboard connector is positioned to the left of the keyboard's ribbon. Now, from what I can see, a portion of the ribbon is glued to the underside of the keyboard, and I am thinking that the actual connection is at the other end of the ribbon, but I am not sure.

I am afraid that if I pulled any part of the glue portion out, I would render the keyboard inoperable. So, I left it as is, bolted the keyboard back on without plugging it in, and I have done some stuff on the revived laptop, using Windows' On-Screen Keyboard. So, my question is, is it possible at all, to somehow reposition the ribbon enough, so that I can connect it to the new motherboard? Is it safe to pull out some, but not all, of the ribbon's glued portion, without rendering the keyboard inoperable? Finally, if these are not options, and I have to purchase a compatible keyboard replacement, how do I ensure that the keyboard I buy, will have the ribbon in the position I need?