Question Laptop keys and audio stop working while charging

Nov 17, 2019
I have an Inspiron 15-3567, it's almost 1 year old now, and about 6-7 months ago it started having a problem in which sometimes the keys would stop repeating while charging, the problem had suddenly dissapeared in a few weeks but it returned this month, but, different from the first time, the audio also stops working. The only way i know to solve the problem is to turn off the laptop and/or just unplug it (Unplugging the charger will instantly turn it off.) , after a restart everything is fine, but this isn't a good solution for me. Some extra info: Filter keys are turned off (I checked it. Thrice) , and the battery holds the charge it had before unplugging.
I'm not very tech-savvy, so please, explain in a way i might understand. Thanks in advance.
p.s. i've never been so formal in my whole life
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Make sure you're on the latest BIOS update for your laptop's motherboard. To add, check and see which version of Windows 10 your laptop is on. We're currently on 1909. You should also see if the keyboard itself has any faulty keys. Try and fire up and see if any keys are depressed.