Question Laptop makes buzzing/sizzling sound, and then very loud cracking sound (NOT the fans + tried many things)


Sep 3, 2016

I own an Acer Aspire vn-792g, had it for over two years now. I never had any issues with it before.

About four months ago, a buzzing/sizzling started to appear from inside of the laptop, approximately from under the left side of the keyboard (HERE'S AUDIO). It's definitely not the speakers, it's something underneath the keyboard. The sizzling would appear after using the laptop for some time, but not every time. Sometimes the sizzling would appear after 30 minutes of browsing websites, sometimes it would take 2 hours of gaming, sometimes the sizzling wouldn't appear at all for a week, regardless of how the laptop is used. That being said, turning off the most "demanding" programs running at the time, be it the Chrome, a video game, After Effects, whatever seems to be taking the most resources, always disabled the sizzling after 10-15 seconds, though after returning to using the laptop actively, the sound would continue to return every few minutes, even after turning off the laptop. Only giving it some rest would sometime help to eliminate the buzzing for the day. I gave my laptop to the technicians, who cleaned my fans and applied new thermal paste. The buzzing however persisted. Because it was clean, I ignored it for some time.

However, about a month later another sound made its debut (AUDIO). This one is MUCH louder and generally scarier. It only appears after the sizzling has been going on for some time, and not always. In fact, it appears rather rarely, about twice a month, while sizzling appears between two to five times a week.

I asked about this on various forums, mostly from my country, and everyone was sure that it's the fans, either dirty or damaged. So I gave the laptop to different technicians and asked them to clean everything and to check the fans. They said that the laptop was clean, and all the fans are in excellent condition. The sounds persisted. But the fans are clean and not a problem.

Other things which I was asked about regarding the issue and in the end determined not to be the source of the problem include:
  • SSD and HDD info from CrystalDiskInfo,
  • whether or not I was using the original power supply (I am),
  • does the sound appear when the power supply is unplugged (it does),
  • did I try different windows power states and creating a new one (I did),
  • does the sound appear when all of the USB devices are unplugged (it does).
I started looking for solutions online. The only thing resembling my problem was the issue of the CPU states that some had. In my not-very-expert understanding, essentially different CPU states depending on the current usage of the laptop require a different voltage, so certain states can create sizzling sound because of the voltage problem. The way to deal with this, supposedly, was to disable some of the not-essential CPU states ("sleep states"?), which I apparently did, but that didn't help. Another idea I found was to force the CPU to remain in certain specific states which supposedly wouldn't cause any voltage issues, for example by constantly having the Bluetooth active, which prevents the CPU from going into a sleep state or something. None of that worked in any way.

Getting rid of the buzzing would be a huge win which I desperately need. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'd appreciate it very much!
But that other sound, good gods, terrifying, it sounds like the laptop is dying, it needs to go :p. And while I was able to spend $20 for cleaning (which is the price around my neck of the woods), no way I can afford any significant expense at the moment. So I'm desperate to find a solution myself. Again, performance-wise I see no issues, it's just the sounds...

Thanks in advance!
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