Question Laptop Memory Compatibilty (CL)


Jan 20, 2020
LOL. And what was the answer that you didn't like?
well basically nobody can guarantiee me if it ll work even if its same everything. whole point of selling 2x8 is that they are tested together before sold by the company that sells them to guarantiee they work as intended
. now i m thinking about buying 2x8 myself and ripping out original 1x8 ram and selling it afterwards


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This is true, however, and I am likely one of the people you might have seen say that here because it's true, but there are caveats.

For one, even on desktop systems, if you are not talking about higher speed kits that are outside the JEDEC specifications for default memory operations, ie, what the memory defaults to without XMP, A-XMP or D.O.C.P enabled, then usually mixed memory configurations WILL at least run especially if the speed, voltage and timings are all very similar or the same. Go outside the JEDEC specs and the chances for problems or having it simply not want to play nice together grows exponentially.

For laptops, there are FAR better chances of mixed memory working together because for one they often don't support the kinds of higher speed memory kits that similar generation desktop systems support. For another, a lot of laptops just seem better able to find some common ground when using kits that are not the same, and definitely much better when using kits that are extremely similar or have identical part/model numbers even if there are some minor differences between the DIMMs.

That is not to say that laptops can't have the same problems, because they can, and do, but it is not AS commonplace as when trying to mix desktop memory.

In every case you are better off buying a single kit that contains ALL of the memory capacity you will expect to need, and at the highest supported speed you are willing to pay for, but in some cases it might be worth trying to just slap another stick in there especially if you can return it without much trouble as with Amazon purchases.