Question Laptop Memory Speed Faster than its Specification. Will These Modules Work at the Speed it Says?


Jan 17, 2018
I recently had to exchange my new MSI GF63 (may it forever be missed) for a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14 due to extremely poor battery life (and no real need for a dGPU). Anyways, I knew upon getting the Flex 14 that it would have shared memory with the Vega 8 iGPU. I looked in task manager to see how much was actually usable and saw that the memory was running at 2666MHz instead of 2400MHz.

I was planning to upgrade the 4GB stick (there's 4 GB onboard as well) to an 8GB stick for a total of 12GB with 10GB actually being usable. Now, my main question is, will it actually run at 2666MHz or is that a bug of some sort? Will the memory module I'm looking at work at its labeled speed? I do know that if I install a module that is faster than what the computer supports, it will just downclock.

Product page spec and task manager: View:

Here's my current laptop:

Memory module I'm looking at:

Side question: will opening the laptop void the warranty? Will Lenovo be able to tell? I don't see any stickers that point towards so.