Question Laptop Monitor of my Asus with a red line

Feb 20, 2021
Good afternoon and thanks for the content of this excelent forum.

The reason for my Post is because recently a line has appeared on the monitor of my laptop, that line appears since computer turn on.
It is an horizontal dashed line that goes from side to side and appears with a pink color on a black screen. The only color it disappears is on a White background.
This line is really annoying because it is on the middle of the screen.

What i hope to get is feedback about what is the source of this problem and if there is by luck a cheap hardware fix i can try.

This happened on the last Asus i will ever buy, an Asus F541U asus image
I know this Post is not about this brand, but i'm really dissapointed with Asus, this is the second laptop i buy from them that has problems with barely being used.

Any advice?

Note: No need to tell me that the best solution is to buy another laptop, everyone knows that, i want technical advice only.