Question laptop mouse moves erratically at times

Jan 22, 2020
not sure what category I should post this in

I recently have this problem where my mouse started running erratically, or freezes in one spot and wont move for a while, started clicking on its own too.

im just using the touchpad btw. No mouse connected.

this only happen when im running a program, any program (except tiny ones like calculator, notepad, etc)

like when I opened 2 or 3 tabs on a browser (tried brave and opera), is really all it takes to trigger this problem
I noticed its happened for 3 or 4 seconds whenever I just opened a new tab

when im running games (even just small ones like sim city 4) it happens often..every 5 minutes or so
and it would be a minute until it goes back to normal

the heavier the program the more it seems to occur
with the browser for example (both opera and brave), most of the time its fine...
only happens for a few secs, whenever I just opened a new tab

but also, when I was running a video on youtube while Im opening other tabs
it started to happen way more often,.. every few minutes.

I really dont think the problem is the touchpad.

cause when Im not running any program it never occurs even once for hours.

thing is ive used this laptop for a year now and a lot of times I would run WAY more programs at the same time
and never had this issue once, only happened since yesterday...what could be the issue?

thanks for the help :)