Question Laptop not starting up, red light flashing on charging cable icon

Nov 12, 2022
I have a windows toshiba laptop, the first three icons on the front are the charging cable icon, the power icon and the battery icon. I was using it fine the other night, no issues and shut it down normally. I went to put it on yesterday and it wont start up. No icons on the front were lit, usually when plugged in the charger cable icon is a solid red. The charging cable icon is flashing red currently - the power on icon and the battery icon are not lighting up because it's not getting enough power. I have checked the voltage on the charging cable and it's the full 19.5v. Even when I unplug the charging cable, the light still flashes. The battery was replaced about 2 years ago, even when the battery is removed it wont start. If the battery is in, it wont start from the battery - I would think there should be some juice left in the battery to power it up? Things I've not tried: could be a faulty power connection - but even when unplugged, would this cause flashing? Could be cmos battery. Could be motherboard. Anyone come across a charging icon flashing despite the laptop not being plugged in.

Things ive tried to far:
removed battery, held down on button for 30s, tried with charger alone
Same as above but inserted battery and tried with charger
removed ram - tried without no ram
cleaned ram and reinserted
i have a spare charger unused, tried this to no avail.