Question Laptop not turning on

Feb 25, 2019
I have a lenovo ideapad 320s-131kb; i5-8250u;4GB RAM; Samsung 256 GB SSD Pcle
I was functioning normally until today, after I went to shower an came back, it didn't turn on. When I press the power button, the light goes on but the screen and the fan doesn't turn on. I did have a slight water exposure which is steam from the shower(the laptop was in a bag). Is there anyway to fix this? Is this because of the water exposure? Please help me, thank you.
Possibly from the steam/humidity. Laptop manufacturers will usually specify the environmental conditions at which the laptop is safe at, no way for us to say for sure if this was exceeded.

If it's not moisture, it does, at the very least, sound like there could be an electronic failure. You can try...
  • NVRAM reset (remove all power, press + hold power button for 5 seconds, then reconnect power)
  • Reseat (or replace) memory and storage drives + remove any externally connected devices
  • Reset BIOS/CMOS by disconnecting CMOS battery (with no power to the laptop) for about 5 minutes
Your worst case is motherboard failure and will require service or replacement.