Question Laptop not working properly, black screen on startup.


Aug 18, 2022
Hello everyone,

Since today I have a problem with my laptop and the laptop screen would not turn on, I have no idea why this problem occurs.
When I turn the laptop on I see a black screen, and nothing else not even the bios startup just completly black screen the whole time.
The keyboard light works and I can turn the keyboard light on and off, but when I press the caps lock key, it would not show a light that its on.
The laptop fans are spinning.

I have no idea what the problem could be, could someone help me?

Laptop : ( 11UD version)


Jul 20, 2022
Hi welcome to the forums.

Have you tried doing a full shut down? Unplug the machine, take out the battery (if possible) and then hold down the power button for ~ 30 seconds.

The second option that is something unique to your machine is the ability to toggle the display with a key command. Boot the machine normally and then press " FN + > " That should turn the display back on if it got turned off.